Warehouse and Inventory

Warehouse management and best practice

Are you experiencing low productivity? Or wondering how your productivity compares to your competitors? Trade Advantage Consultancy can support you in optimising your warehouse operations in a way that best suits your business.

We are experienced logistics and supply chain professionals who work closely with clients across a broad range of sectors around the world, successfully implementing warehouse and distribution centre improvements by providing capacity and productivity solutions in fast-changing business environments. 



Managing inventory is a crucial element to most businesses, but it can often be difficult for different departments within businesses to agree on what the extent of the inventory should be. For instance, sales may want larger volumes in order to guarantee service, whilst finance may wish to minimise the inventory to reduce working capital. Not only this, but it is vital that your inventories are of the right quality and quantity, positioned in the right place, and exactly the right time. 

Often companies follow a vague ‘rule of thumb’ approach for inventory management which does not stand up to scrutiny – this can often lead to over-inflated inventory holding, ‘squirrel’ stocks, and conflicting ideas between sales, finance, operations, and supply chain as to how much inventory is actually required.

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